Take a Break, Have Lunch

/ January 16, 2017/ In Between

Working online eight hours a day (or longer) requires sitting in front of the computer most of the time. But you’ll have to stop to eat at some point. Whatever meal it will be, employees need grub. Most of us miss lunch or don’t have the luxury of time to prepare a decent meal. So the solution? Call a food delivery service. We also have different tastes, we differ in food delivery choices. Someone wants pizza, the other wants cheeseburger and fries, and another wants Chinese food. Anything goes. Once the food delivery arrives, we return in front of the computer to eat.

So is eating lunch while finishing a web content or a program a bad thing?

Skipping a meal is bad. we all know that, but we¬†still do it. Skipping a meal makes us more stressed, less productive, and prone to binge-eating (which is twice as bad). But eating in front of the computer is also bad as well. Here’s why:

  1. If you think your desk is clean, think again. The mouse and the keyboard carry germs. The table, the paper, and the pen also do. And when we speak of germs, we speak of microscopic elements that can cause hundreds of sickness. And if you’re an OC type of person, you’ll say “Eww!”
  2. Eating in front the computer encourages overeating without you even knowing. This habit is almost the same as eating in front of the television. Your focus on the monitor drifts you away from what you’re eating that you may end up consuming a lot mindlessly.
  3. There is no such thing as multi-tasking. Think about it, the time you spent on opening a sandwich wrapper is not the same as the time you’re typing an email. You really cannot do two things at exactly the same time but you can do one thing while waiting for the other to finish.
  4. You may still mess up with the computer or the task you’re doing. Even if you’re careful not to spill, you can never tell what will happen next.

Therefore, take a break and have lunch. Let the one-hour break provide an opportunity for you to detach from work. It may stimulate new ideas, boost creativity, and recover from the stress.

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