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In this article, we will differentiate the reason why should you hire a freelancer or a web development company. Choosing what’s best will need to consider many aspects. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, but knowing what your specific needs for your project are will make it easier for you to make the decision.

Now, let’s define them.

A web development company is a group of professionals or experts in a specific field such as web desgn, responsive design, developing, programming, copywriting and so on who work together under one company name. For the most part, the company is a registered legal entity that has an organized way of doing business.

Freelancer, on the other hand, is an independent contractor who takes on projects directly from the clients. Freelancers are leading today in content writing, programming, graphic design, and web design. It means that clients have to engage to more than one freelancer in order to accomplish an entire web development project; from design to content writing.

Lastly, take a look on their differences.


A freelancer is lack of the all-around expertise to handle all particular parts of the project. Resources must be sufficient to deal with large and complex web projects. A web development company will assign each part of your project to a specific specialist.


Every company is highly reliable regarding the completion of the project and implementation. A freelancer might disappear halfway through the project because they’re working part time.

Customer Support

Freelancers are not dedicated to offer ongoing customer support because they don’t have time nor resources where it is being offered by every company even after the website is launched.


A company usually hires professional individuals to make sure that your business website will be designed effectively. Freelancers are working in their free time for part time money.


Every company has standard practices to ensure an effective business. Quality is dependent on freelancer’s individual skills. They have no specific set of standards followed.

Prior making the decision, you have to consider several things like the cost or your budget, the size of the project, technology, expertise and performance.

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