Expect These To Trend in Social Media

/ November 3, 2017/ Frontend

As new technologies rise and go into our mainstream culture, social media is trying to catch up and join the bandwagon. Soon, social norms will change the way we use the different social media platforms available. Here are the trends we’re expecting to happen in social media in the near future:

1. Augmented Reality

New mobile devices incorporate a chip that provides users an extraordinary augmented reality experience. Initially, AR will impact mobile gaming. But social media has its own way to incorporate new technology into their respective platforms. Soon, you can take a selfie with a famous celebrity using an AR filter.

2. Instagram Stories will be the next normal

If you haven’t tried using Instagram Stories, now is the time to get into the bandwagon. It is expected that nearly half of all Instagram users are using Stories by the end of 2018. This means that brands interested in connecting with their Instagram followers should take time to invest in their Instagram content.

3. Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, brands use social-media based influencers to connect with their audience. These days, audience tend to ignore traditional advertising strategies and would rather follow someone they trust on social media.

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4. Generation Z

Step aside, Millenials. Generation Z is now the focus of almost marketing strategies. They’re now entering the workforce and in time, increase their buying power.

5. Messaging Platforms

Expect brands to invest in Artificial Intelligence, voice assistants, and chatbots. These elements are essential in messaging platforms that connect with consumers.

6. Live Streaming

More brands realize the power of live streaming on social media. Therefore, it is only normal if they plan to incorporate it in their web and social media content plans.

7. Digital Hangouts

Live video group hangout, why not? HouseParty started it, and it shows the other possibilities. This could be the next big thing on social media.

8. Virtual Reality

Facebook invested in Virtual Reality and they’ve been working on Facebook Spaces. It is designed to allow friends to connect in VR. If successful, this will be a first.

9. Strong Governance

With controversies here and there, social media platforms will be hands-on in governing implementing their terms and conditions, policies, code of conduct, and procedures. Not only they need to protect their users, but also they need to protect their own brand. So expect much tighter security features.

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10. Twitter’s Future

When other social media platforms are performing better this 2017, Twitter has failed to grow followers significantly. Many are asking, will it be the end of the microblogging site? Or will there be a major revamp?

If these are the things we expect on the future of social media, web designers and developers must look into these possibilities as well to incorporate into their


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