Do Coffee and The Web Go Together?

/ March 3, 2017/ In Between

Taking short breaks during work is highly encouraged. Coffee break is one of them. It has been a routine social gathering, a short downtime for employees, practiced in all businesses or industries. Because of this, coffee became a social drink along side with alcohol and soda.

On the other hand, we have a culture brought about by the emergence of the wide use of computer networks for communication, business, and entertainment. This web culture has influenced social phenomena associated with the Internet. It includes various technologies such as forums, online communities, MMO-RPG and other online gaming sites, wearable technology, social media, mobile apps, virtual and augmented realities, text messaging, etc. It also includes issues related to identity, privacy, and network formation.

And since web culture has become more social than ever before, it comes with its association with coffee. Yes, coffee and web culture go together in more ways than one. And here are the reasons why:

1. Coffee and the web have their own influences. Both have a lot of fans. And more likely, majority of them love both. Not only do these two accumulate and cultivate current and new relationships, it also provides engagement and memorable experiences.

2. Both coffee and web encourage sharing. Those happy coffee lovers are eager to share good experiences and offers across social media. Happy netizens show these through comments, likes, and shares.

3. Both have their own way of customizing the experience. It’s easy for us to customize our web experience, much more how our coffee should taste. And having it customized to suit our mood and taste, the experience could be perfect.

4. The Internet and coffee could blend in with any topic in a timely manner. Changes in technology had been drastic yet the Internet makes it timely. Coffee, although has been here for centuries, has remained consistent and yet timely as well.

5. The web and coffee cross-promote. Social media over the Internet makes it possible to share whatever photo or article across all platforms. A photo of you having coffee with a friend could be shared on Instagram, that could be shared on Facebook, and on Twitter, and on Pinterest, and so on. No wonder why coffee is one of the top topics shared across all social networks.

6. Web and coffee experience make it count. Somehow, the Internet and a cup of coffee share this kind of mission: to uplift or inspire the human spirit, one person, one cup, and/or one byte at a time. This kind of thinking has given everyone to say things how they see it, giving a diverse perspective on an issue over a cup of coffee.

Do you agree with my list? Let me know your comments by writing them below.

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