So You’ve Decided to Start Coding

/ July 6, 2017/ Backend

There is a high demand for programmers in the industry. However, the supply is too low. With so many startups and apps around sprouting like mushrooms, the industry is looking for capable programmers. But what does it take to become a good one?

1. Any programming language can do

Don’t try to stress yourself for not knowing a specific programming language. It makes no difference what you started to learn with. As long as you have learned the basics of one language, it will be easy for you to understand the others, even if they do differ. What is important is you build a strong foundation on programming itself. But if you are intent to follow a straight path to a specific skill, for example web development, then there’s nothing wrong if you choose to start with something specific like JavaScript.

2. Solve Algorithms

A programmer is basically a problem solver. In order for him/her to get into programming, he/she should be more of a thinker, knows how to solve problems and algorithms. Many job interviews require solving algorithms therefore, one should be prepared to meet the challenge.

3. Be a team player even if you’re an introvert

In this industry, no man is an island. No software or any piece of technology was created by one man. It is always with a team of programmers, designers, and other support members. Communication is always the key to success. Develop teamwork and learn to collaborate in order to land a good programming job. Employers love to hire a good team player.

4. Use GitHub

GitHub is a version control repository and internet hosting service where you will find different open source codes. It’s an invaluable resource so go ahead, publish and share your codes to the world so that you may learn from the community.

5. Keep it clean and simple

Employers want to see clean and simple codes. Remove unnecessary lines of codes and processes. You will learn this the hard way, so don’t fret. Don’t rush, too. It will take years for you to master the art and science of programming.

Just get the basics right and have fun. There will be times, everything falls into place. But most of the time, it could be frustrating that you may want to throw your computer out of the window. But it’s okay. If you get your knowledge, skills, and attitude altogether, you’ll be fine.

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