You Still Don’t Have A Website?

/ January 20, 2017/ Frontend

Ever since the start of the Internet era, businesses believe that to generate more business, a quality company website is needed. It has become the best practice to present a website as the first line of communication between the business and the visitor who could be a potential customer.

Why not? A business closes at 6:00 pm but a website is open 24/7. A business stays in one location but a website can be viewed anytime, anywhere around the globe. The Internet has made the world smaller and the competition tough.

Traditional businesses may still rely on the word-of-mouth kind of promotion, but with social media prevalent nowadays, a link to your website is the next best thing. People share URLs whenever they recommend something to their friends, and if you don’t have a website yet, what’s a URL to share?

Websites still achieve the following goals:

  • increase knowledge
  • maintain communication
  • sell products or services
  • generate leads
  • increase popularity

Whether it is for a business or personal website, the above goals still apply. No wonder the number of websites are increasing fast for the past decade.

Of course, as in any business, there are things to consider in coming up with a website. One of them is the cost. If you’re still unsure of your plans, get some advise from someone who knows web development. Do some research and find out what is best for you and your business.


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