Women In The IT Industry

/ March 8, 2017/ In Between

The world celebrates International Women’s Day every March 8th. Any topic about women is perennial and relevant. I stumbled an article about a women’s conference and their topic was Women in Technology. The panelists were women working in the male-dominated IT industry and all of them are in reputable IT companies.

There are women taking up IT courses, and a few have chosen careers as web developers, software programmers, and even game developers. However, lacking a degree in computer science is not a barrier for other women. These women work in marketing, sales, administration, or law and still consider themselves successful in the IT industry.

In the past decades, women have redefined the workforce. The same applies to Information Technology. These days, especially now that the BPO and freelance industries are booming, women have developed their skills that could fit in any department and/or in any industry. So it’s not surprising to see a female nurse working in an IT company as an administrator; nor a female IT graduate working in marketing. Women have become much of a generalist these days after exposing themselves in different industries and jobs.

Taking computer science and promoting STEM skills are still attractive to women. It’s just that the IT workforce is seemingly no longer male-dominant. What do you think?

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