U/X: Design’s Big Deal

/ June 27, 2017/ Frontend

Here are a few reasons why user experience (U/X) is now a big deal in web design.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: change is the only thing constant in this world. Therefore, when it comes to web design, it just keeps on changing. This time, more faster than what we could ever imagine. But the question is: can businesses keep up with the change?

Expanding online presence

In the past, a website was just the ultimate online presence. Not anymore. We encounter new devices every now and then. Websites are no longer confined to desktop computers. For the past decade, we expanded web design to include mobile devices particularly smartphones and tablets. But now, with other wearable devices starting to gain popularity, web design has to cater to small screen sizes of these wearable gadgets.

Screens have changed

The need to be functional is now the focus of web design. Interaction on screen is no longer limited to clicks but now also includes gestures, voice, and facial features. Not only do we see changes in hardware but also changes in the types of content we present and how we distribute them across different channels or platforms.

Web design redefined

So to keep up with the fast-paced trend, there is the necessity to change the way how we define and do web design. Design is no longer about beauty but more on functionality. A website is no longer a fancy online address or document, but is now a tool for business to engage with their customers.

Therefore, to sustain the business, the need to focus on the customer or end user has become the priority. And not all customers are the same. Some are adventurous — wading their way through a site and look for the information they need. But the majority of the netizens are not, they want everything served fast.

Therefore, it is better to start thinking of your web design as if no customer knows anything about your business. And that’s the hardest part of designing because the designer most likely knows the business and its products or services.

Aside from that, a web designer has to persuade the customer to stay much longer on the website. Therefore, everything about your website has should be on the top fold. Put the teasers or the small bits of info then provide the links and other other elements for more details. A variety of content types are now encouraged and the dogma still holds: content is king! But still, web design and development are everything.

Businesses can still keep up with the changes. There are still content management systems (CMS) that can provide basic websites for small entrepreneurs. But once they gain traction, they might go for bespoke websites and hire professional web developers.


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