Top 5 Free Stock Quality Photo Websites

/ July 21, 2017/ Frontend

If you are hunting for a source for free stock photos for your website, social media or other projects, below are the top 5 of your choices that have great and quality photos


Over 1M high quality images are free, whether those are stock photos, vectors or art illustrations. There are free videos as well that you can use anywhere and all of them are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. Attribution is not required but you have options whether to give credits to the artist, donate via paypal or skip.


This free stock photo website is established to help designers, bloggers, social media coordinator, and everyone who is looking for great photos that can be used everywhere for free. All images are licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 and all photos are free for any commercial use. Photographers or Artists are welcome to upload their own photos to Pexels and if one of the photos is chosen, an email notification will be sent. There are free videos offered as well by following different link;


Hundreds of high resolution images are added every week. They are free from copyright restrictions and are released under Creative Commons CC0. Long term vision of StockSnap is to create an amazing community of photographers that want to share their work of art with the world.


This free stock photo website is made for creative professionals. All high-quality images are used by designers, bloggers, social media teams and even developers for any commercial and personal creative projects. They are accepting images from featured photographers.

5. Burst

It is a free stock photo site powered by Shopify. All of the images on the platform are offered under the license of Creative Commons CC0. Everyone are welcome to use the photos for any purpose to create stunning websites and marketing campaigns. It is more focused on business ideas to help entrepreneurs identify popular products that are relatively easy to create from scratch or dropship using a platform like AliExpress. It could be a starting point for a new business.

All sites mentioned above are offering the same web tool to your online needs. Feel free to share these tools with your friends.

Shopify Vs. WooCommerce

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