Top 10 Hi-Tech Cities In The World

/ April 14, 2017/ In Between

Do you think Silicon Valley is still the best tech city in the world? Think again. A recent research shows that there is another tech city much better than San Francisco. Favorable┬ácost of living and real estate prices are among the reasons why. The research looked into the gross domestic product (GDP) which is a primary indicator of economic health. It also looked into the city’s cost of living, real estate prices, and even download speed. Below are the top 10 tech cities starting with:

#10 – Singapore

Singapore is becoming a Big Data country. Installed city-wide sensors collect all information from traffic situations to crowd behavior. And that’s coming from a population of 3.9 million people. With a high GDP per capita of $52,965, and broadband download speed of 27.4 MBPS, Singapore has become a reputable Asian tech city.

#9 – Berlin, Germany

SoundCloud is one of the city’s success stories in technology. Aside from being one of the art capital cities in Europe, Berlin became a center for startups and entrepreneurs . With a population of 3.6 million and a GDP per capita of $37,328, the city’s innovative, disruptive, and all-encompassing approach to technology plus its 29.8 MBPS download speed, has made this city on the list.

#8 – Boston, US

Massachussetts has been the traditional site for pharmaceutical and biotechnological innovations. With the city population of 667,000 and a GDP per capita of $87,308, people in Boston enjoy 21.4 MBPS download speed on the average. And having Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg begin their careers in IT here, graduates have been staying around and build their start ups instead of going West.

#7 – Copenhagen, Denmark

A startup called Just Eat began operating in a basement and is now Denmark’s few success stories in Technology. With its population of 591,000, a GDP per capita of $64,692, a download speed of 19.2 MBPS, plus its concept of “hygge” (pronounced as “hooga”) as a way of life, Copenhagen is becoming a rapidly-growing tech city.

#6 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With its population of 840,000, a GDP per capita of $69,752, and a download speed of 8.6 MBPS, this creative bohemian capital is a thriving tech city. It has the advantage of having a bilingual culture as most of the population speak English and Dutch.

#5 – Toronto, Canada

Aside from producing Shopify, Hootsuite, and Kik, plus its 2.8 million population, a GDP per capita of $44,907, and a download speed of 20.9 MBPS, Toronto’s startup scene continues to boom.

#4 – London, UK

If the US has Silicon Valley, the UK also has the Silicon Roundabout where IT businesses are located in the Old Street Roundabout. With its population of 8.7 million, a GDP per capita of $63,739, plus a download speed of 18.6 MBPS, most financial tech businesses start here.

#3 – New York City, US

The capital of the world holds the third spot. True, prices may be high but the opportunities in technology are great. With a population of 8.5 million people, with a GDP per capita of $83,470, plus a download speed of 22.3 MBPS, business-like culture and global links to other cities and countries around the world, it’s still an attractive startup haven. 3w is proud to be a New Yorker.

#2 – San Francisco, US

Sadly, the home of Silicon Valley is no longer number one. Although most IT companies still operate here, with its population of 865,000 and a GDP per capita of $97,856, plus a download speed of 20.9 MBPS, SanFo and its Silicon Valley are magnets for startups.

and #1 – Austin, US

Aside from having the long and established presence of big names in IT like IBM, Dell, and AMD, Austin prides itself with low taxes, favorable real estate costs, and strong entrepreneurial culture. With its population of 932,000 and a GDP per capita of $62,376, plus a download speed of 62.4 MBPS, it would really take that number one spot.

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