Tips on How to Create Websites Easier

/ April 24, 2017/ Frontend

Almost everybody in this world has its own online presence whether it’s on social media or on a website. But, for busy people creating a website consumes time and effort. Don’t worry, here are some tips on how to create websites easier (assuming that you already have a registered domain name and web host).

1. Use the tools

Take advantage of GitHub and Heroku. These are development platforms that help build, run, and operate applications in the cloud. For frontend developers, these tools helps in the smooth web development process. For non-web developers, an idea on how HTML and CSS works help you understand how to create websites.

2. Go ahead, use templates

Creating websites from scratch consumes time, effort, and money. It is worth it if you have the resources. But if not, it’s not a crime to use a template. You can purchase website templates online or use free templates available from known website building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Webs, etc. But, keep in mind these two things:

a. Choose the right template

Templates come with pre-made design and options for customization are available. When choosing a template, consider your purpose, theme, colors, typography, images, and other graphical media to be included.

b. Where to find these

Ask your web host provider if they’ll include templates for your site. Most likely, it’s part of the package you paid for. All website templates are available online either for free or for a fee. Also, take advantage of live demos of these templates or themes so you’ll have an idea if it fits into your desire.

3. List down the hex codes of every color you use

Building websites entails choosing colors. But since not all reds and blues are the same, it’s better to use the hex codes of each color. List them down (copy and paste it on an open text document) while choosing so you won’t keep getting back and forth to look for it again.

4. Don’t forget to save and backup

If there is an option for you to save the changes that you’ve made, do so. You don’t want to lose everything you’ve done in case it crashed. Ask your web host for help with backup files, too.

5. You don’t need to do it all by yourself

If you can’t do elaborate graphic designs or animations, hire someone to do it. If you have too many time-consuming and trivial tasks for your website, hire someone to do it. There are many online outsourcing sites and web development companies that you could go to.

6. Don’t be a perfectionist

Because every website competes for attention, everyone wants to have a perfect website. Being a perfectionist only slows down the project. Don’t be afraid to launch your website now and make changes or tweaks as you go along.

So go ahead, create websites that fit your business and desire with these tips.

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