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Are We Losing The Human Touch?

/ June 23, 2017

When we say “augment”, we mean to make something better or greater by adding to it. This should apply when we say that technology should be augmenting human skills.  The

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4 Reasons Why Open Source Software

/ June 22, 2017

When we say open source software, it means that a programmer can alter it. Its design and source codes are available and accessible for revisions. Open source denotes open exchanges,

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Going Coinless in the Future

/ April 21, 2017

Do coins jiggling in the pocket distract you? Do you get annoyed with too much coins in your wallet or purse? Inserting coins into a slot of a coin bank

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Web Hosting Explained

/ April 19, 2017

Most new website owners get scared and frustrated when they start to choose a web host. It’s not the process that is scary, it’s overwhelming for someone who has no

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Top 10 Hi-Tech Cities In The World

/ April 14, 2017

Do you think Silicon Valley is still the best tech city in the world? Think again. A recent research shows that there is another tech city much better than San

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Are We Going To Be Cyborgs Soon?

/ April 10, 2017

Some think as artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance, it leaves humans behind. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, doesn’t think it should be. Musk has acquired Neuralink,

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Let’s Welcome Intel’s Optane

/ March 27, 2017

Are we doing away with desktops? No, not yet. 79% of today’s desktop still uses a hard drive. We still use hard drive for data storage. But, hard drives deliver

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