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Are We Misusing The Chat?

/ February 8, 2017

It’s easy to blame the users for a software or an application. We developers can easily say users are using the apps wrong. But the truth is, applications, either in

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Careful In Typing Those URLs

/ February 3, 2017

Have you committed the mistake of typing “goggle.com” instead of “google.com” on the URL bar? And if you think typing an incorrect URL was an honest mistake, think again. It could

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Aw, Snap! The Internet Crashed

/ February 1, 2017

During the first years of the Internet people trusted and depended on each other. Not only they’re only a handful Internet users, they only take what they only need from

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12 Things I Hate About the Internet

/ January 27, 2017

Ah, Internet! Look what you’ve done since you came into this world. It brought changes we thought we could only see on Star Trek episodes. You’ve re-defined the term “technology”

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