Mobile First

/ July 20, 2017/ Frontend

Take this: almost two billion people around the world have smartphones and are constantly connected to information at any point. If your business is not taking advantage of this statistic, imagine what you’re missing out. Therefore, your online presence should be responsive or mobile-ready for the new wave of smartphones.

Focusing the web design and development on your desktop version without even thinking of the mobile version is no longer the trend. The trend now is mobile first. Design the website with the mobile version in mind first. Why? Given that statistics at present, look how many people may stray away from your site if it doesn’t display well on their phones. Do you know that you can lose up to 50% of your potential customers with that?

Also, people prefer using smartphones than desktop. Therefore, user interface design should gear towards smartphone easy use functions.

  • UI shouldn’t be so heavy that it will make the smartphone lag or it would take much time for the site to load.
  • Mobile design should be mild visual but catchy. Fonts should stand out so it would be easy to read on smaller screens.
  • Compressed version of an old website full of adds won’t work, either. Ads take up much screen space on your phone, so avoid putting too much advertisements.

Do you know that having a nice mobile supported website can triple the number of your web visitors? If your website has been receiving more than a thousand visitors each day, how much more if you have a nice website on an iPhone or Android?

Take time to design your website with the mobile version in mind. It also pays off if you hire web developers who know how to design based on user experience.

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