Careful In Typing Those URLs

/ February 3, 2017/ Backend

Have you committed the mistake of typing “” instead of “” on the URL bar? And if you think typing an incorrect URL was an honest mistake, think again. It could be serious.

A few months ago, someone typed “” instead of “” on the URL bar. The weird thing was it didn’t give a DNS resolution error. Instead, it redirected several times and it landed on a Flash Updater page. An innocent mistake but damaging.

The Flash updater was a malware called “Adware Genieo”. This malware poses as a standard Adobe Flash update to unsuspecting web user. Then, it installs itself as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This is a security problem called “typosquatting”. It targets well-known websites and register domains like the legit ones. These deliver malicious content which could range from objectionable materials to questionable ads. Once you’ve realized the mistake, it’s too late. It is possible that the malware had harvested login credentials, or placed backdoors on a system, or installed a ransomware.

Imagine how many websites would fall victims of this kind of error. It was a good thing that someone reported this error and acted upon on the issue. But the fact remains that there are malicious hackers who would take advantage of someone’s mistake.

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