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/ July 6, 2017/ Frontend

A lasting brand impression begins with a powerful visual identity. Aside from the logo, a website is another channel for a brand. But how to rise above the rest is always the question. With so many competitors around, getting the attention of consumers is all what it takes.

60% of consumers prefer companies that they’re familiar with. It’s brand recognition. Sometimes, they recall much more of the brand rather than the product. It’s not uncommon to hear people say Xerox instead of photocopy; or Band-Aid instead of medical plastic strips.

But creating a consistent visual identity even on a website needs to follow some design tenets. A web designer should remember the 3 C’s — color, control, and consistency.


The brand’s color should match the company’s identity. 90% of consumers judge the brand’s visual identity on color alone. This is because consumers can easily associate colors with specific attributes like reliability, trust, quality, fun, etc.


However, the next C is crucial: control. Only the right people should have access to the brand’s assets like logo, trademarks, templates, etc.


It is hard to be consistent all the time. But companies have to. It means that everything about the brand is the same across all marketing media — print, broadcast, and online.

75% of consumers judge the company’s credibility by its web design before its content. Therefore, web designers should take this into consideration. And as part of the brand’s visual identity, websites should last or make a lasting impression. In order to achieve this, establish a style guide (along with other materials and brand assets), avoid cluttered design on each web page, and always test it before going live. And as much as possible, make the website personal and targeted.

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