Are We Going Back to Exclusivity Again?

/ May 16, 2017/ In Between

When we buy our computers, whether desktop or laptop, most likely there’s a default OS installed in it. Then we switch the default browser to our own choice like many other users do. And we have our own preferred search engine, right?


However, if you’re going to buy the new Window’s Surface Laptop, aside from having the new Windows 10 S as its operating system, it has Microsoft Edge as its default browser and Bing as its default search engine. And the sad news is, you can’t change these to any browser or search engine like we used to do.

Microsoft has decided to work exclusively with compatible apps available only from the Windows Store. They said that it will improve security and performance of the OS. Fine.


But it also reminds us that years ago, this kind of exclusivity was, is, and will always be annoying and restrictive. We would rather have the freedom of choice to dominate over companies who try to force things down to our throats.

However, Microsoft said that if you upgrade your Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro, you’ll be able to download a browser, search engine, and apps of your choice. If that’s the case, then why buy Windows 10 S?


Unlike with Google and Mozilla where developers are free to create apps and extensions and made available on Google Play or any outlet, Microsoft hand picks developers to create these apps and extensions. Few developers mean few apps.

Right now, Windows Store has limited selection of apps. If you try to use an app that is not available in the Windows Store, you will see a reminder that apps used with Windows 10 S must come from the Windows Store. In some instances, you may also see a suggestion for a category of similar apps or a specific app that is already available in the Windows Store.

What do you think? Is exclusivity the answer for higher security in exchange of freedom of choice in terms of productivity?

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