5 Reasons Why HTML And CSS Are Still Relevant Designers’ Tools

/ February 10, 2017/ Frontend

With the way web development has evolved throughout the decades, web designers working with developers in IT companies feel some kind of pressure to learn programming languages. Not only a few programming languages are new and hot right now, but also because the standards for web design go higher as years pass by.

As long as web designers know HTML and CSS, there is nothing to worry about and here are five reasons why:

  1. HTML and CSS are not programming languages. Many people have classified HTML and CSS as programming languages just because they entail geeky codes. What they don’t realize is what their names imply. HTML is a markup language and CSS is a style sheet. In short, these are tools that give rules and descriptions on structure and style of web content. Also, HTML and CSS don’t compile anything like what other languages do. Programming languages describe functions and entail a series of IF and THEN statements to bring results.
  2. Internet browsers recognize HTML more easily. Yes, browsers knows HTML much better that’s why other languages must output HTML.
  3. CSS wireframes are better than Photoshop mock-ups. Designing using a mock-up needs to be interpreted as codes for programmers to understand. Instead of using Photoshop, designing inside the browser suggests prototyping using HTML and CSS as primary design tools.
  4. Knowing a programming language isn’t all or nothing. Knowing HTML and CSS can help you figure out 80% or more of PHP especially if you’re working on an existing template. CSS animations is becoming language-y which is a great place to start if web designers want to learn more of programming.
  5. The web is more interactive than ever. Web designers have to find new workflows and tools which help them produce designs that are more accessible and interactive across all devices. With the current trends of motion user interface, HTML and CSS have become more important tools for designers.

Although HTML and CSS are old because these tools existed for more than a decade, these are still the tried, tested, and true tools for user interface and user experience web designing. Still relevant until this day and will stay longer than we think.

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