10 Things How Web Design Should Be

/ April 7, 2017/ Frontend

What makes a good web design? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, someone’s beautiful website might be another’s nightmare. The question becomes relative. Everyone can come up with different answers.

What is design?

Design refers to a concrete plan in the creation of something. Different industries have their own definition of design. But the bottom line is, it considers all aspects including beauty and functionality of an object or even a process (and yes, including websites.)

In the ’70s, an industrial designer named Dieter Rams proposed that designing for the present without compromising the future and the concept of becoming obsolete are “crimes” in design. So he laid out his definition of what good design should be. With his innovative product designs since the ’50s, his definition of design has become its principles.

Adopting these principles in web design, here are the ten things a good web designers should know:

1. Good design is innovative. As technology evolves from good to better, so is the web design. It should never be the end in itself.

2. Good design is useful. A website should have a definite purpose. It should emphasize its usefulness to the user.

3. Good design is beautiful. A well-executed website is beautiful. Since websites are used everyday and have an effect on users, the web design should exude its own beauty.

4. Good design is understandable. Good web design should be clear and self-explanatory, no complicated instructions, or process.

5. Good design is unobtrusive. Web design should be neutral and restrained to make room for the user’s self-expression.

6. Good design is honest. A website promises what it can only deliver. No hype, no exaggerations, no deceit.

7. Good design is long-lasting. Web design should avoid being trendy and fashionable. It should last for years, not seasons.

8. Good design is thorough. A website must not be left to chance. Care and accuracy in the web design process shows respect towards the user.

9. Good design is user-friendly. Websites should conserve resources, minimizes physical and visual strain.

10. Good design is as little as possible. This statement made Rams famous in the field of design. Less is more because it focuses on the essentials. Pure and simple.

Need to say more?

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